• Main features

    Send messages and files encrypted with the AES-256 bits algorithm (military grade), through normal IRC chat servers.
    You can chat in a normal way without encrypting and only encrypt messages whenever you want.
    Encrypted messages are always different even if the same message is encrypted with the same password.
    Allows to use different encryption passwords for different private chats or channels in the same IRC session.
    Your IP address is only known by the users that you allow.
    There is no support for the DCC protocol (sending unencrypted files). CrypticIRC uses its own system for sending and receiving encrypted files point-to-point (don't pass through the IRC server).
    There is no OpenSSL (SSL/TLS) connection support with the IRC server due this protocol processes the messages as plain text without encrypting on the IRC server. CrypticIRC keeps the messages always encrypted, including its processing on the IRC server.
    The encryption functions are only compatible if the other users also use CrypticIRC application.
    The encrypted messages are not sent point-to-point because they pass through the IRC server but are always encrypted, even when they are processed by the IRC server, prevents any possibility of messages being decrypted by the IRC server. Not so with the SSL/TLS protocol.
    Auto-open (in your web browser) 'http' or 'https' links to image files or web pages included in messages received in chat channels.
    Nicknames filter by keywords.
    Check if favorite nicknames are online or not.
    No scripting language. This avoids security issues that other IRC clients have.
    Portable application.
    Random nickname for login (v1.4a)
    Sesion stats in status bar (v1.4a)
    Auto-reply away message (v1.4a)
    Auto-join channels when connecting to IRC server (v1.5a)
    Avoid crashing of application (v1.5b)

  • Freeware license

    This software is Freeware (100% free).
    This software has no virus, no trojans, no malware, no spyware, no adware, no features-limited and no time-limited.
    No installation. Unzip & run.

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