Development start date: 2022 - June - 4 Released date: 2022 - June - 20

Application that shows the features of your OpenCL devices.

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What is OpenCL ?

'Open Computing Language' is an open language that allows you to create highly parallel applications that can run on both CPUs and GPUs.
Apple created the original specification and it was developed in conjunction with AMD, IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA.
Most graphics cards (GPUs) and some CPUs (with OpenCL drivers) support OpenCL.
OpenCL is often used for cryptocurrency mining.

Application features:

● Detect all OpenCL devices on your system, be they CPUs, GPUs or custom.
● Shows the characteristics of each OpenCL device.
● Checks that OpenCL compilation and execution work correctly on each OpenCL device.
● Performs a series of stress tests to measure the performance of each OpenCL device.
● Generates reports in plain text files.
● Released under Freeware License.
● 64 and 32 bit versions for MS Windows 11, 10 and 7.
● Compatible from Intel Pentium IV CPUs.
● No installation, just unzip the .ZIP file and run.
● It includes the 'runtimes' that are necessary in some cases.
● Does not include viruses, malware, spyware or advertising.